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“If you are not ready to alter your way of life, you cannot be healed.” Hippocrates
About fifteen years ago, I walked into an herb shop and was mesmerized by the smells and the many jars of herbs that lined the walls. I loved the idea of making my own medicinal blends, as well as homemade lotions and salves. It brought out the kid and alchemist in me! We all have the need to be creative and I realized that this was something I wanted to do and could do. A few years later, I took Rosemary Gladstar's herbal course, which introduced me to so many other wonderful herbalists and teachings. The amount of information that is out there is astounding. I became an herbalist because I wanted to take better care of myself. I know now, that it is so much more than that. I love helping people, I love the plants and the plants love us, what more can I say? The world of plant medicine is a world that is available to all of us. I have a sticker from United Plant Savers that states, "If you listen, they will teach you.” I know from experience, this is true, at least for me it is. We know the sun is healing and through photosynthesis, the plants eat the sunlight and we eat the plants ~ and healing begins. Your Community Herbalist, Leanne